Size alteration guide and informations

This guidance and mentioned policies refer to products purchased from "Wedding dress, Exclusive, Event dress, and Casual" collection.

Do I need alteration?

In short, as long as you adhere to AlbaMarito's size chart and consider that each style may behave differently in terms of sizing, there should be no issues. For more detailed information, please refer to the provided guidance.

Please note that as standard size dresses are returnable, we do not provide alteration reimbursements for them. read more about the return policy.

The size chart utilizes body measurements rather than garment measurements. Each measurement set shown on the chart corresponds to the person who would feel most comfortable wearing that particular size. Nevertheless, please be aware that a slight allowance (1-3 cm/0.4-1.8 inches), for comfort, has been incorporated into our standard size dresses.

When referring to our size chart, if your measurements happen to fall between two sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size. Always keep in mind that it is simpler to make slight adjustments to a dress by taking it in, rather than trying to add more material. Ensuring the perfect fit is essential, and selecting the slightly larger size provides flexibility for tailoring if needed.

Standard size dresses might not fit precisely true to size due to variations in different styles. For example, strapless styles tend to fit snugly, while styles with straps may run a bit bigger in the bust area. These differences in fit are essential to be aware of while selecting your dress.

We understand that you sometime may like to change the dress design or its fabrics. Well, regrettably, modifications to the design of our products, including adjustments to length or fabric type, are not possible. Each item is meticulously crafted using a specific pattern to uphold its quality and uniformity. Nevertheless, you can utilize our sophisticated collection by using filters to find a product that closely matches your preferences and meets your desired specifications.

And do not forget to visit this page of our store providing tips and suggestion to choose the best design for yourself.

Happy shopping!!!